Congratulations Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo!

On Wednesday, February 22nd, the Cleftlands lists were opened up to all rapier combatants to test their mettle in the bi-annual tournament. Eleven inspired combatants stepped  forth and took to the lists. When the flurry of steel, spoons, and stuffed otters slowed and the last blows were counted, one rapier combatant emerged victorious and earned the right to carry the Cleftlands sword. Congratulations to the Honorable Lord Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo for winning the tournament and to Lord Levi Athan of Cleftlands for winning the esteem of the ladies gallery.

In addition to the rapier festivities, their Excellencies Calum and Constanza bestowed the Award of Saint Alfred to the Honorable Lord Muldonny McVriw and Lady Gwynedd Cole in recognition of their dedication to supporting the archery community and their gracious hosting of a regional archery practice.

The list included:

  • Sir Farthegn Rinksson fighting for Baroness Colette du Pré
  • Mistress Milesent Vibert fighting for Baron Edward Brackenburye
  • The Honorable Lord Muldony McVriw fighting for Lady Gwynedd Cole
  • The Honorable Lord Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo fighting for Lady Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada
  • Sargent Sirius of Cleftlands fighting for Shane
  • Lord Cynwrig ap Llywelyn fighting for Lady Maaicke van Zanten
  • Lord Ladislaus Vulcu (Vlad) fighting for Lady Branwen filia Paynell
  • Lord Badger Bagsbane fighting for Rosie Dubroc
  • Lord Levi Athan of Cleftlands fighting for Ashley of Lakewood
  • Lord Alecto of Cleftlands fighting for Brynjulf Vinterfødt
  • Erich Wulfgang for Alyssa

Rapier Combatants: Lord Cynwrig, Erich, Lord Vlad, Baron Calum, Lord Levi, Baroness Constanza, Lord Alecto, Sir Farthegn, Lord Pietro, Mistress Milesent, Sargent Sirius, Lord Muldonny, and Lord Badger. Photograph by Lord Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari.