A&S: Let’s Do Lunch-A How-To & Taste Testing

Running a lunch tavern can be a fun way to help out at an event – after all, everyone loves food! This class is aimed at guiding people through the process of preparing for and running lunch at an SCA event. If you’re thinking about doing lunch for an event, or running an event where there will be a lunch, have stories of lunches you’ve done, or just like talking about food, stop by! And since part of planning any meal is testing the recipes, you can also help the cooks by giving your opinion on a trial run of dumplings for this year’s Standard Bearer’s. Lend your palate to the cause! There will be food at the class so any with allergies should be cautious.

Not for children.

Date: July 12, 2017 at 8 PM.

Instructor: Lady Claricia de la Mere

Ages: 18+