Meeting Minutes: 9-Mar-50


  • The Barony is still looking to fill two positions: Minister of Youth and Gold Key. If you’re interested in either, please apply online.


  • Brendoken is holding a ‘Not Driving 16 Hours to Gulf Wars’ fighter practice at the Gwyntarian meeting site this Saturday from 12-5 pm. There will be a A&S corner, and if the weather is good, there may be archery outdoors. Please check the Gwyntarian website for directions at
  • Eastwatches Masque de la Fou is the first weekend in April. They are taking reservations at Cleftlands meetings.
  • Dressed to Kill will be the following weekend, 9-Apr. Lady AErindis is coordinating the museum tour on Sunday. The Cleveland Museum of Art will be bringing period armor to view and even touch. The event staff will have a site walk through this Sunday at 1 pm: please check with Milesent for details.
  • NOWM is coming up soon – please volunteer.


  • Marshals: The Martial Database is up and running. Please check your entry then notify your baronial marshal if updates or corrections are needed.


  • Armorer’s is not meeting this Thursday.
  • Woodworkers Guild is. Please contact Meinhard at for questions about future activities, or check the Cleftlands Woodworkers Facebook page.
  • Unofficial Fencing Practice meets this upcoming Sunday. Please contact Cynwrig for details
  • Weekend A&S is meeting at Katerin’s this Sunday, with a focus on making duct-tape bodice patterns. Please contact her for details at
  • Heavy Weapons Guild: Please consider attending the upcoming unbelt practices at Tournament of the Unicorn, the first weekend of April, and Martial RUM the following weekend.


  • Upcoming events include the Academy of St. Clare in Assist in Aethelmarc (Pennsylvania): an event entirely focused on the art of embroidery.
  • The Barons are still hosting an A&S challenge for the Dessert Revel in March: Try something new and share it.
  • Syr Ephraim has discovered that the music used for the Cleftlands Battle Song is currently under copyright and is therefore setting a challenge to the Barony to come up with new music for the song: either personally composed or from some other tune that is out of copyright. Please provide him any music you create or find: a choice will be made at by the May Dessert Revel.