Meeting Minutes: 17-Feb-50


  • The Barony has two open officer positions: Minister of Youth and Gold Key (in charge of loaner costumes). Please apply online at the Cleftlands website.


  • Next week is the last week to pre-reg for Regular event: a $2 savings over day-of registration, and a shorter line.
  • Set up will start Friday, 26-Feb at 7 pm. Pizza will be provided to volunteers, as will a chance to set up day camps.
  • Artair is looking for servers and dish washers for Regular event. Please let him know if you can help out. He reminds the newer fighters that dishwashing and serving are wonderful ways to serve your Barony.
  • Don’t forget – Pie at Peer at Regular Event to help fund the Historical Display at 50 Year.
  • Dressed to Kill is still looking for instructors. Please contact Ulfr about teaching armor-related classes, or Leta about teaching costuming classes.


  • There are upcoming times for A&S classes at meeting: please let Crispin know if you’d like to teach over the next couple of months.
  • Next week is the A&S challenge to bring an item that ‘Warms the Heart.’ Please talk with Colette if you have questions about the challenge.
  • At the Known World Exchequers and Seneschal’s meeting, some decisions were announced. 1) Please refer to member/non-member fees rather than to a non-member surcharge. 2) Please refer to registration fees, not admission fees to events, as in some states ‘admission’ fees are subject to entertainment taxes.


  • Guilds are special interst groups open to anyone who wishes to learn more about the guild activities.
  • Woodworkers meets tomorrow (4-Feb) at 7 pm in Meinhard’s home. The current project is knock-down camp trestle tables. Please contact him at
  • Armourer’s Guild will be meeting at Ealdred’s heated garage tomorrow night. Please contact him at 440-243-1419 for details.
  • Please check the Cleftlands Equestrian Guild’s Facebook page to see if they are holding practice this upcoming Sunday. While the weather looks good, there maybe more rain to sog the pasture.
  • Unofficial fencing practice meets this upcoming Sunday but will not mee on 28-Feb after the Regular Event. Please contact Cynwrig for details
  • Needleworkers will meet next Tue, 23-Feb at 7 pm at the Dulcia’s home. She’ll be sending out her address and directions next eek. Please contact Madelaine for information at

Other Announcements

  • Ginevra is organizing car pools and lodging for those interested in attending the dance event, Terpsichore at the Tower on March 5. Please contact her at Ginevra.Boscoli@gmail.
  • Elizabeth wanted to thank the Cleftlanders who donated to the Fund-rasiing Auction at Val Day to fund the Historical  Display at 50 year. The auction raised $1,600.
  • History in Popular Culture program at OSU in Columbus is featuring talks on Shakestpear this weekend. Please check with James Barkley for information.


  • Muldonney had the best handbow performance at Better War through archery.
  • At Candlemas, Thorin was among the last unbelts in the tourney, making it to the final 16 in a 115 fighter tourney.
  • Next week is the Rapier Tourney. All rapier combatants are welcome to participate.
  • The Barons are challenging you to do something you have never done before, and bring that to the March Dessert Revel.