Congratulations Caitilín, Katerin, Porcia, and Serena!

Congratulations to Lady Caitilín inghean Néill, Lady Katerin ferch Gwenllian, Lady Porcia Vera, and Countess Serena Kimbalwyke for their names and/or devices clearing the College of Heralds!


Caitilín inghean Néill
Katerin ferch Gwenllian
Porcia Vera
Serena Kimbalwyke
Purpure, in saltire an arrow argent and a quill pen Or, a bordure argent. Gules, a dragon rampant Or maintaining a sword argent within eight plates in annulo. Per chevron purpure and argent, two retorts spouts outward argent and a dragon passant vert. Vert, a horse passant Or and on a chief argent three acorns, each acorn with a maintained leaf issuant to sinister fesswise sable.