Meeting Notes: 24-Jun-50


  • As Sir Nick has stepped down as Youth Marshal, to serve the kingdom in another capacity, the position is open. Please volunteer on the website, starting tomorrow. [Volunteer here!]
  • In related news, the Cleftlands bid to host their Highness’ Coronation has been accepted. Edward FitzRanulf and Jolicia are event stewards. They are still looking to fill out the staff roster and are looking for volunteers, especially in the area of merchant coordination, youth activities, shire reeve, security, event herald, as well as for the Brute Squad. Please contact them if you’re interested in helping out at (Edward) or (Jolicia). Please note, this coronation will be held only 6 weeks after Pennsic–lots of help will be needed because there’s not much time.
  • The Barony is seeking event bids for Standard Bearer’s this fall (but not 9/20 or 9/26), and the Regular Event in January 2016.


  • We are doing a Mapleside demo again this year on 9/19-9/20. We’ll be on a different location on the site with more shade. Please contact Artair at for additional details, or he’ll be sharing them as the time get closer.

Guild Announcements

  • Woodworker’s will be held at Meinhard’s at 7 pm tomorrow. Please check with him for directions or information at
  • Armorer’s Guild will be held tomorrow at 7 pm until you are thrown out or the sun rises. Please check with Clairiel at 440-243-1419 for directions or details.
  • The Equestrian Guild master wants you to know that yoga is very good for you. Also, the Equestrian Guild is meeting this Sunday as usual from 3-6, but not on 7/5, as for Independence Day they are taking the horses to Aethelmearc to crush the Aethelmearc forces. Check with for details.
  • Unofficial fencing practice will be held on Sunday as usual. Contact Cynwrig ( or Edward FitzRanulf ( for details and directions.
  • Next week there will be a Cook’s Guild meeting at 7:30 at the Cleftlands meeting to discuss plans for the Coronation feast, and other (now later in the fall) projects. Please join us if you’re interested in helping out with food either before or at the event.

Baron & Baroness

  • At Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Inn, this last weekend, Serena authorized rapier and dagger, while Nickolai authorized rapier and parry device. Aria (spelling?) of the Minions authorized in Combat Archery.
  • Lynette, their Highness’ daughter, won the Youth Archery competition. Tarmach won the Adult Archery competition, while Gallus, in a concerning move, was chosen as the Most Treacherous participant in the Brawl itself. He will now be watched.
  • Baron Wars is this weekend, only 2.5 hours away. There will be shopping. It will be held in the fort and there are several scenarios that will use the fort as an element in the combat. There will be 33 merchants. Please bring canned or other shelf-stable food for the Baronial Food fight. It’s a good event for pre-Pennsic shopping. Krisztian, recently of the Cleftlands, will be holding vigil and be knighted at court on Saturday. But before that, there will be shopping.
  • Their Majesties are looking for one person from each Barony to assist in setting up Midrealm Royal on Monday of the first week of Pennsic (Peace Week). Your Barons are neither of them able to be there, but are looking for volunteers to stand as proxy.

Royal Business / Announcements

  • Princess Serena held court at meeting. She inducted Oliver Stillman into the Order of the Evergreen. An award of the Purple Fret was presented and accepted by a member of the recipient’s household for later delivery.

Angharad ferch Tangwystl
Cleftlands Chronicler