Meeting Notes: 17-Jun-50


  • We are accepting bids for Standard Bearers, due by July 8, and bids for January Event.


  • Contact Dulcia ( about Rivenvale’s demo in Warren this weekend. They could use a help in arts, sciences and other areas.


  • Unofficial fencing practice this Sunday. Contact Cynwrig at or Edward FitzRanulf at for details.
  • Scribes Guild will meet July 6th at Melisent’s. Contact her at
  • Needleworkers will be next Tuesday at Madelaine’s. Please contact her at for details.

Other Business

  • Prince Nikolai:  Thanks to the fencing community outfitting and teach him about fencing. It’s not nearly as scary as he thought. Their Highnesses will be at Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Inn this weekend, and will be holding their first regency court. Please be sure to come.

Baron & Baroness

  • You have until 7/2 to make award recommendations for Pennsic.
  • Many thanks to those who volunteered at Bardic Roundhouse this last weekend:  Caitrina and Kenrick, autocrats, Francesca who ran gate, Julianne and Llewellyn who organized classes and Thomasina who organized food.
  • Brawl is the weekend.Please volunteer to retain for their Highnesses.
  • Baronial Court:
    • Helium-hand nebuly to those who met the last challenge: volunteer to do something new at an event by end of NOWM.
    • New challenge to the barony: Track your travel distance to events from NOWM until next January event. Everyone with over 1500 miles will be rewarded, with prices to the person who travels the farthest. Constanza pointed out that each trip out to Pennsic counts towards the mileage.
    • Many thanks to Oliver Stillman, who has volunteered to get the Baronial tent to Pennsic, even though as a non-fighter he does not make much use of it.