Congratulations Muldonny McVriw!

On Wednesday January 28th, the Cleftlands lists were opened to all rapier combatants to test their mettle in the annual rapier tournament. Twelve inspired combatants stepped forth and took to the lists. When the flurry of blades slowed and the last dramatic demise, one fencer emerged victorious. Heartfelt congratulations to Lord Muldonny McVriw!

The list included:

  • Lord Cynwrig ap Llywelyn fighting for Lady Maaicke van Zanten
  • THL Edward fitz Ranulf fighting for Lady Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada
  • Lady Gwenllian Tarianlas fighting for Duke Laurelen Darksbane
  • Sergeant Kari Garanhirsson fighting for Lady Fritha EikBrandrsdóttir
  • Captain Krisztian Von Atzinger fighting for Baron Ealdred of Gwyntarian
  • Lord Meinhard Hammerschmidt fighting for THL Gianna Vettori
  • Lord Muldonny McVriw fighting for Gwynedd Cole
  • Lord Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo fighting for Ilsa of Cleftlands
  • Lord Sergei the Jester fighting for Lady Esther Seixas
  • Lady Slaine inghean ui Seachnasaigh fighting for Lord Patrick of Cleftlands
  • Lord Taranis of Vito’s Minions fighting for Maeve of Cleftlands
Rapier Tournament Combatants

Rapier combatants, marshals, and excellencies from left to right: Taranis, Slaine, Sergei, Meinhard (kneeling), Auric, Muldonny, Baroness Constanza, Baron Calum, Sir Alen, Krisztian, Kari, Pietro, Gwenllian, Edward (Fitz), and Cynwrig. Photograph by Lord Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari.