Congratulations Barone Pietro and Baronessa Aurelia!

The Cleftlands would like to welcome Barone Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo and Baronessa Aurelia Rosetti as the sixth Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands!

Special thanks to the fifth leadership team of the Cleftlands, their excellencies Sir Crispin de la Rochefoucauld and Baroness Gianna Vettori for their dedication and exemplary service over the past five years and wish them a well-deserved rest in their retirement!

Their Excellences of Cleftlands, Baronessa Aurelia and Barone Pietro, Baroness Gianna and Baron Crispin, Baroness Constanza and Baron Calum, Baroness Milescent and Baron Edward, Baroness Madelaine and Baron Ephraim, and Baron Laurela\en. (Not present: Baroness Ithriliel.) Photograph by Lord Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari, April 9, 2022.