Meeting Minutes: 2-Jan-53 AS

Baron and Baroness

  • We have a new Baronial Armored Youth Marshal: Bastian. Please talk to him about starting any children on armored youth combat.
  • We are looking for a new Baronial Archery Marshal.


A Regular Event: 19-January
  • The Midrealm site, including the calendar, has been down since Christmas day. If you have you’re expecting to come, you may want to share the event site with them, because they can’t link from the calendar.
  • If you’re interested in helping our royalty, either with loading and unloading, as retainers, or as guards, please sign up at their Majesties website, Their Highnesses will also be attending: let Eve/Shazada know if you’d like to assist with them, as we don’t have a link to their page.
  • Lady Jacqueline could use help setting up the feast hall after A&S activities have ended, and setting up for Court after the martial activities have ended. Please get in touch with her if you can assist. Or, if you see people at the event moving chairs and tables, just pitch right in!
  • Don’t forget to bring pairs of socks for the first Great Snowball Fight.
  • Please bring entries for the A&S Competition.
  • Gate is open at meeting: they could use assistance on the day of. Even 30 minutes or an hour would be gratefully received.
  •  As this is a new site, it’s going to be confusing to both us and our guests: please help out on the day of with getting our guests to whatever they want to be doing.
Upcoming Monthly Revels
  • Jan Revel’s theme is Rest and Recovery. Come to share your event experiences.
  • Feb Revel will be a Craftperson’s Faire and A&S tryout.
  • March Revel’s theme is ROMAN! Please check out all the Roman-themed A&S classes this winter.
  • Just a reminder, it’s never too early to start planning for NOWM. This year, one week earlier!


A&S Minister, Runa
  • Class for Wed 15-Jan: Heraldic Achievements by Dmitiri
Pursuivant, Njall
  • We’ll still be having monthly consultations on the first meeting of the month on names and heraldry. Please participate if you’re at all interested in learning more about heraldry.
A&S Champion, Miriana
  • Don’t forget the Largesse Challenge