Meeting Minutes: 16-Oct-54

Baron and Baroness, Crispin and Gianna 

Seneschal, Cadfan

  • Archery Guild has been given funds for new archery foam.
  • Jacqueline’s Regular Event bid has been accepted. See info in the Events section.
  • Cleftlands has a wiki that includes information about members of the Barony – please update your information at  or use the Wiki to research your friends.

Demo Coordinator, Carl

  • The Maker’s Faire will be at the Science Center on November 2. WE’d like to have Scadian’s arriving 8 and 9:30 am so we can be set up before the doors open to the public. The Faire itself runs 10-5 pm. There are some parking spaces in the garage at the Science Center, and there’s on the street parking. It’s also walking distance from a Rapid stop. Attendance should be free for those participating in the demo. Please contact Carl for information or check the event page on the Cleftlands FB group at .


  • Social Media, Shahzada
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday, she’d like to share SCA-related photos from people in the Barony. If you have any photos you’d like to share, please send them to her on Facebook, or to the email address.
  • Pursuivant, Njall
    • The Midrealm Services portal, when you create a a login, let’s you complete a profile with your personal information including your home group. An advantage of being registered is that it makes it much easier for people submit award recommendations, so be kind to your friends. Per the Services portal, Cleftlands includes only 35 people, so clearly a lot of us haven’t completed our profile. You can reach the Midrealm Services portal at
  • Rapier Marshall, Velvet
    • By November 1 the marshal’s need to have the names of everyone involved in martial activities to keep your authorization current. Please make sure you contact him (or the Knight’s Marshall) to keep your authorization.
    • The Adult Rapier Marshall application will remain live until next Wednesday. Velvet will remain the Youth Rapier Marshall.
  • A&S Minister, Runa


  • October Dessert Revel, 30-Oct
    • The Costume Challenge is Medieval Monster Mash, inspired by the show at the Cleveland art museum.
    • The Cooks Challenge theme is Awesome Offal. Bring a dish featuring a non-standard meat cut; heart, tongue, feet, viscera of any type.
  • Bardic Madness, 2-Nov, will be in Rocky River. Further information is available at
    • Her Majesty, Ynes, will be attending. Retainers and guards are needed. Sign-ups for these shifts will be posted
    • If you’d like to be a Patron for challenges are still desired.
    • Jolicia is organizing crash space for attendees. If you have a bed, or floor to offer, please let her know.
    • Breakfast tavern donations would be welcome, as would pickles for the Royalty room. Julianne can pick them up at the October Revel to take to the event.
  • November Dessert Revel: Armored Tourney
  • December Dessert Revel: Yule Celebration.
  • Regular Event, 29-Feb (Leap Year Day) :
    • Jacqueline is Event Steward with Clariscia as her Deputy Steward. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact them.
  • Northern Oaken War Manuevers (NOWM) AS 54/2021
    • Gianna has been Event Steward for the last seven years. If you are interested in shadowing her and learning to take on the role at “the event that runs itself” please let her know, as it’s not too early to get started on planning.
  • Regular Event, AS 55/2021
    • The site we are using (the Byzantine Cathedral in Parma) will not be available after 2020. It is NOT too soon to begin looking for a 2021 site and planning the bid.
  • Standard Bearers, AS 55/2021
    • Why wait to start planning?

Guilds and Guild Adjacent Activities

Guilds are the special interest groups of the SCA: people working together to focus on a particular activity. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.  Please use the new online A&S Activities Tracker on the Midrealm Services Portal to note what you’ve been up to.

  • Armorer’s Guild meets Thursday’s at Ealdred and Clairiel’s home. Please contact Calum at for information or directions.
  • Lubeck hosts his Anti-Social (Brewing and every thing else) Meeting 7-10 most Tuesdays. If you’re interested, please contact him as Steve Kerg on Facebook to confirm the meeting. Next spring, Lubeck will host a practice for the
  • Archery Guild meets Sundays at 2 pm, at Gwyneth and Muldonney’s home. Please check the Baronial Facebook page for details or contact Gwyneth.
  • Leatherworks Guild meets Tuesdays at Oliver’s at 7 pm. Please contact Oliver at or on Oliver Stillman on Facebook for directions and information.
  • Needleworkers Guild normally meets 2 and 4th Tuesdays. The 22-Oct meeting will be at Miriana’s home. Directions will be posted online, or contact Miriana at for details and directions.
  • Dance Guild will meet at Baronial meeting on 23-Oct to do a trio of intorductory Italian dances: Petit Vriens, Petit Rose, and Anello.
  • Scribes Guild meets next on 4-Nov at 7 pm at Brackenburye Cottage. Please contact Melisent at with any questions.
  • Cook’s Guild meets first Wednesdays at meeting. On Contact Angharad at if you have questions.