Congratulations Alienor, Alys, Clairiel, Elianor, Jaquelinne, Llywelyn, Quintus, and Ysenda!

Congratulations Alienor de Saint Remi, Alys Katharine, Clairiel du Vent Argent, Elianor Rocheford, Jaquelinne la Deiciere, Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy, Quintus Atilius Lucanus, and Ysenda inghean Mhaoil Dúin for their names, and/or badges and devices on passing the College of Heralds!


Alienor de Saint Remi Alys Katharine Clairiel du Vent Argent Elianor Rocheford
(House) Three roses azure, barbed and seeded proper, slipped and leaved with slips braced in triangle vert. Per chevron vert and Or, two Catherine wheels and a fleur-de-lys counterchanged, for augmentation on a chief argent a pale gules surmounted by a dragon passant vert. Sable, in chief a mullet of six points Or between flaunches checky gules and argent. Purpure, an owl displayed between three increscents argent.
Jaquelinne la Deiciere Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy Quintus Atilius Lucanus Ysenda inghean Mhaoil Dúin
Per chevron vert and argent, two edelweiss proper and a pithon erect vert. Sable, on a cross vert fimbriated a leek Or, for augmentation in dexter chief in fess a dragon’s jambe couped sustaining a harp reversed Or. Per pale Or and sable, a wolf’s head cabossed counterchanged. Azure, in bend sinister two roses, an orle Or.