Congratulations Sirius of Cleftlands!

On Wednesday, November 30, the Cleftlands lists were opened up to all armored combatants to test their mettle in the annual tournament. Twenty inspired combatants stepped  forth and took to the lists. When the flurry of rattan slowed and the last blows were counted, one armored combatant emerged victorious and earned the right to carry the Cleftlands sword. Congratulations to Sargent Sirius of Cleftlands for winning the tournament and to Captain Tariq al Sanna Af Fjall for winning the esteem of the ladies gallery.

The list included:

  • Duke Laurelen Darskbane fighting for Duchess Ithriliel of Silverlake
  • Duke EikByrandr Solgafi fighting for Duchess Runa Æikibrandskona
  • Baron Edward Brakenburye fighting for Mistress Milesent Vibbert
  • Sergeant Sirius of Cleftlands fighting for the Honorable Lady Gianna Vettori
  • Baroness Aldermoureis Ventzke fighting for the Honorable Lord Robért de Cleftlands
  • Lord Marellus Kilianus fighting for Lady Seonaid inghean Ghriogair
  • The Honorable Lord Muldony McVriw fighting for Lady Gwynedd Cole
  • Lord Avanger of Brendoken fighting for Lady Adeline la Savonniere
  • Sir Wigthegn the Younger fighting for Lady Neassa O Cathasaigh
  • Cadfan of the Cleftlands fighting for Robin of Cleftlands
  • Sergeant Tariq Al Sanna Af Fjall fighting for The Most Delicious Cookie EVAR
  • Syr Thorin Eikskjald fighting for Thora
  • Æthelwynn Skerra Dimma
  • Bláár MacDougall
  • Brynjulf Vinterfødt
  • Dimitri Hansson
  • Jaromir
  • Nazir
  • Lord Njall Orkneyjarson fighting for Eira Ylva
  • Rollo Eldström

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