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SAT4:00Thrown WeaponsPrize TournamentThrown Weapons List
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Thrown Weapons

The range is open to all throwers. Instruction is available for beginners. Minors must have a parent/guardian remain with them at the range in order to throw.

Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion Tournament

It is Their Majesties wish that a tournament to select the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion take place at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, June 9th starting at 2pm. This competition is open to all entrants. You do not need to send a letter of intent to Their Majesties but you will need to register at the range before the hour of the tournament.

Distances of the throws will be from a minimum of both 15 and 20 feet, and will include each of an axe, knife, and spear. The target faces will include both targeted and exclusionary zones, not simply center mass ‘bullseye’ markings. It is recommended the all entrants practice these techniques in advance and bring their own gear. No more than one axe, knife, and spear will be needed since the course for each distance will be a single throw at a different target for each weapon used. Sidearm throwing and non-traditional weapons are disallowed.

Be it known that some of the duties of the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion include: later competing in the Pennsic Thrown Weapons Champions War Point, standing in court behind their majesties, representing the thrown weapon field at events by wearing the regalia, and promoting & encouraging thrown weapons advancement at every event you attend. Individuals should consider their desire to fulfill these duties before entering the tournament.

Prize Tournament

A Prize Tournament is one where throwers donate a $5-10 prize in order to enter. The person with the highest score gets their choice first of the items available, follow by the next highest score, etc. until the lowest scoring person collects the last item. Commonly, the pot is sweetened before the tournament by the organizers with an extra item allowing the person coming is last place to receive the last two items as sort of a consolation prize.