A&S: String Theory, Properties of Vibrating String

How do vibrating-string instruments really work? For players (and aspiring players) of plucked, strummed, and bowed string instruments, an understanding of the “what’s really going on physically” can be very enlightening. Practical tips for technique and practice will also be shared. Class will also include a discussion of the medieval understanding of what was going on in the context of Aristotelian (as opposed to modern Newtonian) physics. Mathematical and scientific concepts limited to length, mass, tension, and simple fractions. Instructor has been playing guitar since the 1970’s and teaching (and performing in the SCA) since the 80’s, when he was an engineering student.

Date: Wednesday April 5, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Instructor: THL Brendan O Carriadhe

Ages: 12+