Meeting Notes: 15-Jul-50


  • This was the last pre-Pennsic meeting. The next Cleftlands activity is the Standard Bearer’s on Sat, Aug 15. The next meeting will be Wed, Aug 19.
  • The barony is still looking for a new Youth Combat Marshall.
  • Please let the Seneschal know of any January Event bids you might be planning to present. They will be reviewed after Pennsic.


  • The next demo planned is the Mapleside Orchards demo, September 19-20.


  • The next Cleftlands event is the StandardBearer’s event, to be held the first Saturday after Pennsic. Site fee includes lunch: $5 Feast: $5. Please bring a chair and one to share. Site address is 12482 Route 6 (GAR Highway), Chardon, OH 44024. [Website]
  • The following Cleftlands event will be the Coronation of Nikolai and Serena on 9/26.
  • Edward and Milesent are hosting a silk banner-making day this Sunday. 1-3 pm to make banners for the event. Please contact Milesent at for detail.
  • For the staff, there will be a site walkthru on 8/14 at 6 pm.
  • The troll is accepting pre-regs beginning 8/10, running through 9/12.


  • Woodworker’s Guild will be held at Meinhard and Gianna’s home at 7 pm tomorrow. Please check with him for directions or information at
  • Armorer’s Guild will be held tomorrow at 7 pm until you are thrown out or the sun rises. Please check with Clairiel at 440-243-1419 for directions or details.
  • The Equestrian Guild will probably be meeting this Sunday at 3 pm, but no on was at meeting to confirm this. Please check with for details.
  • Unofficial fencing practice will be held on Sunday as usual. Contact Cynwrig ( or Edward FitzRanulf ( for details and directions. The practice goes into hiatus until the first Sunday after Labor Day.
  • There will be archery practice this upcoming Tuesday starting at 6 pm, at 411 Douglas Blvd, Richmond Heights, OH 44143-1747 .

Baron & Baroness

  • Three newest MK Equestrian marshals are James, Colette, and Gwen.
  • Of the seven MK A&S War Point participants, three are from Cleftlands: Oliver, Sorcha and Eikbrandr.
  • The Barons are hosting the Travel Challenge for mileage to and from events between NOWM and January event, including all trips to Pennsic and any flying miles. There will be prizes for those traveling over 1,500 miles and for the person traveling the ‘mostest.’
  • The Pennsic game this year is again “Steal the Nebble” but this year, every camp will have their own nebble, and the victor is the camp with the most at Pennsic’s end. Please contact Constanza about getting your own nebble: they will be distributed at Pennsic. You can decorate yours with your own camp’s arms if you choose. Baronial Musters (at Three Bears Encampment in N17)
  • Baronial Musters – Unit pictures will be taken after each of these battles, or before the Archery March.
    • 8/7 – Armored Combatants at 9 am before the Field Battle.
    • 8/3 – Rapier Combatants at noon Monday before the Manor Battle.
    • 8/8 – Archers at 2:30 pm on Wednesday before the Populace War Point. Pennsic sources differ on whether there is actually a 3 pm Populace war shoot on Wednesday, so please watch Cleftlist and Facebook for changes.
    • Opening Ceremonies is Sunday at 9 am. Champions should and others may join the Barons at Midrealm to process to the Ceremonies. Muster at 8 am outside Midrealm Royal.
  • Please help set up the Baronial Tent noon of Tue, Peace Week. With enough people, it will go up easily. The Baronial Tent will be taken down one hour after the rapier Field Battle (last war point) on Friday of War week.

His Royal Highness

  • Prince Nikolai thanked the Barony for their support and service.